Triogen ORC: A Journey Through Time

Triogen began in the 1860s, based on the principles of the well-established Rankine Cycle. Our story took a significant turn in 2001 when Professor Van Buijtenen founded Triogen with the vision to advance this principle into a commercially product. This vision led to a collaboration with Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland. This was the start of Triogen ORC technology development.

Milestones and Partnerships

In 2002, an important partnership was formed with Aan de Stegge Bouw & Werktuigbouw, who not only invested in Triogen but also played an important role in the technological advancements that followed. This collaboration led to the first experimental ORC model.

By 2003, the focus shifted towards technical optimization and practical implementation, moving development efforts to Aan de Stegge's production facilities. This period of innovation culminated in 2006 with the installation of an experimental model at a landfill site in Groningen, Netherlands, for extensive duration tests.

Standardization and Success

The insights gained from these tests were instrumental in developing a standardized ORC installation, leading to a pilot run of 5 units in 2008. These units were subjected to rigorous testing across various applications, eventually giving rise to the standardized WB-01 version.

The year 2010 meant two significant milestones: the partnership with Yellow & Blue Clean Energy Investments and the international launch of Triogen's first projects. By 2012, Triogen had established itself as a leader in ORC technology, boasting over twenty references, a team of 17 full-time employees, and an expanding global presence.

In 2016, Triogen launched the “e-box”, a plug and play containerised ORC that incorporated all of the lessons learned but at a significantly lower cost. This “e-box” and the corresponding “t-box” (being a containerised version of a Triogen compatible evaporator and table cooler) were placed into (and passed through) the new technology acquisition process of Triogen’s largest customer, a multinational combustion engine rental company, in 2018.

In 2020, Triogen produced a new and improved version of its high-speed turbine generator (HTG), which resulted in the gross power output from the Triogen ORC increasing to 190kWe.

In 2021 and into 2022, Triogen went through a significant restructuring exercise which, amongst other things, saw Triogen partner with Contour Advanced Systems BV (CAS) for the manufacture of the Triogen ORC solution.

In 2023, the first 5 Triogen ORC solutions were successfully produced for Triogen by CAS.

At the time of writing, Triogen has over 50 ORC installed across countries in the EU and the UK, Bulgaria, Turkey, UAE and Australia. In terms of these installed ORCs, Triogen can boast over 1,500,000 operating hours with a 98% long-term availability of its fleet.

Join Triogen

Triogen's development from an idea to a global leader in ORC technology is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. We invite you to be part of this ongoing story, as we continue to explore new horizons and transform waste heat into valuable energy. View our available vacancies.