Capturing Flare Energy with Triogen ORC

In the energy landscape, flares—used for burning off excess landfill gas or industrial process residuals—are often seen as a necessary but wasteful part of operations. Traditionally, the immense heat generated by these flares dissipates into the atmosphere, unutilized. Triogen's Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology challenges this by capturing and converting this heat into valuable electricity, turning a previously overlooked source into a sustainable power supply.

The Triogen Solution: Efficiency and Sustainability

Connecting the Triogen ORC to flaring systems marks a significant step towards environmental stewardship and operational efficiency. By transforming the flue gases from these flares into electricity, Triogen ORC offers a dual benefit: it reduces the CO2 emission associated with venting heat into the atmosphere and provides an additional stream of clean, renewable energy.

Expanding Possibilities with Combined Applications

Triogen's ORC technology excels not only in its ability to harness energy from standalone flare operations but also in its versatility for combined applications. In settings such as landfills, where both exhaust gases and flare heat are present, our ORC systems can be integrated to maximize energy recovery. This approach enhances the efficiency of energy production, tapping into multiple waste heat sources for an even greater environmental and economic impact.

Embrace the Power of Triogen ORC

With Triogen ORC, the energy potential of flares no longer has to go to waste. This innovative solution represents a leap forward in sustainable energy practices, offering a way to reclaim and repurpose heat that was once considered lost.

Are you ready to turn your operation's waste heat into a source of clean power? Discover how Triogen ORC can transform your flares into an asset. Contact us to explore the possibilities and take your first step towards a more sustainable and efficient future!